Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Updates: 2nd Marathon, New Images

For those of you who are still missing episodes, you're in luck- The SciFi channel will be airing another round of episodes, all ten of the second season already aired. This comes just after a similar marathon to 'celebrate' the release of the Galactica 2.0 dvd set. The episodes will air on January 5th, with the following order:
0800 - Scattered
0900 - Valley of Darkness
1000 - Fragged
1100 - Resistance
1200 - The Farm
1300 - Home Part 1
1400 - Home Part 2
1500 - Flight of the Phoenix
1600 - Pegasus
1700 - SciFi Inside: Battlestar Galactica
Looks like a full day schedule, hopefully everyone will be able to catch any that they've missed. I'll actually be flying out to my new home for the first part of the year on that day, but maybe while I'm waiting for my flight out, I'll catch Resistance, the Farm and Home, because those I've missed.
In other news, a site called Dark Thoughts has posted up a couple of new images for Resurrection Ship, the first episode in the 2nd half of season 2. The images show Adama and Roslin kissing, Gina (#6) Holding a gun to Admiral Cain in a uniform (Wondering how she managed that). Six talking to Baltar, the Pegasus XO, Lee and Kara holding each others hands, Someone with a gun to Gina's head (She trying to kill herself?), Gina and Baltar, Starbuck, Helo with a gun to his head, Chief Tyrol and another officer and the two of them before the Pegasus XO. See them all here:
Thanks for Galacticaa, SciFi and Battlestar Blog for their links and news.

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