Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bunch of Spoilers

A number of sites have popped up with a number of spoilers for the finale, and I'll pass them along in a condensed form:

Spoilers, needless to say, so if you're avoiding them, close the window.

From Gateworld, we have the following:
  • Two main characters get married. Elsewhere, it was mentioned that Tyrol apoligizes to Cally and their relationship takes a new turn. I'm guessing that's either good or bad, but it could tie in with that.
  • The big twist comes 30 minutes in, and it's a Galactica first. Well, there's certainly a lot of firsts for this show, so the list is pretty long. Aliens maybe? There was some mention in the beginning of the season that they were leaving that door open.
  • Another Cylon Model will be revealed.

From E! Online:

  • Katie Sackhoff mentions that her character, Starbuck, will be undergoing some mental trama, involving love and someone close to her dying.
  • Edward Olmos mentions that he and his character are left hopeless by the end of season 2, with his character fighting on.
  • Ron Moore and David Eick mention to keep an eye on Admiral Adama, because he looks slighty different. I wonder if that's the moustache that I've seen him wearing in some pictures.
  • Ron mentions that they're taking the show to a completely different area for season 3. I'm pretty sure that's not location.
  • 8 scripts are underway for season 3, and a lot of it is informed by the finale.
  • More Cylons will be found in Season 3.

Sources: E!Online and Gateworld

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