Saturday, March 04, 2006

Message from Ron

He doesn't sound happy:

March 03, 2006
Spoilers on the finale
Surfed through the official boards and saw a LOT of spoiler photos from the finale. I'm not trying to be snarky, or ruin anyone's fun or trample anyone's speech, but I gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed that so much material is getting posted. There's a lot of people who work really, really hard on the show who are waiting to see the finale and have the pleasure of surprising the audience and it's a bummer when it's ruined this close to the final airdate. Obviously, people can do what they want, it's a free country but I'd really appreciate it if the photos posted so far were confined to that thread and if people resisted the temptation to post any more shots or any more plot details. I've resisted going through the locked-down security regimes that the studios sometimes go through to protect material, but this is the kind of thing that could reverse that policy and make everything harder to access.
Thanks and enjoy the show.

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