Saturday, March 04, 2006

TV Squad Review of Finale

TV Squad has posted up their review for the first part of the finale:

Battlestar Galactica: Lay Down Your Burdens
When I knew that this episode would include the discovery of a habitable planet for the fleet, I felt a little cheated. I knew the writers would have to explain, in some way, why Kobol didn't look so good when they happened upon it. Thankfully (and conveniently) it's revealed that the planet is within a nebula, something that would hide the planet from the Cylons.
Now the question is: did Sharon/Boomer/#4 purposely direct that ship to the planet somehow?
I'm thinking Sharon did send that ship near the habitable planet, though whether it was intentional on her part isn't clear. Would the Cylons want the humans just out of their hair in some corner of the galaxy while they carried out plans of their own? Keep them away from Earth, maybe? Baltar's head-#6 didn't seem to think it was a bad idea, so does that support the theory at all? I guess if we knew whether or not she was truly a figment of his own making would help answer that.
Well, it was better than jumping into a mountain. Oof.
I'm not sure yet what to make of Dean Stockwell's character, though there are spoilers out there hinting at what his deal is, so I won't mention them here.
Baltar is definitely on the road to complete evil, as having Zerick by his side doesn't win him any points as a nice guy. It's also showing how much of a puppet Baltar is, as not only can #6 talk him into an idea, but Zerick can as well.
As for the ending of part one of the finale...meh. I wasn't left at the edge of my seat, counting the minutes for next week. I'm really hoping they can pull off a finale that at least matches the amazing ending we saw last season, something we don't see coming from a mile away.
In any case, the 90-minute finale is next week, and you're a fool if you miss it.
Current fleet population: ~49,574

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