Sunday, March 12, 2006

Peter David Updates

From Peter David's official website:

The Cowboy Pete By-Popular Demand Round Up of Battlestar: Galactica

Y'know...I almost wish the show weren't called "Battlestar: Galactica." It's just that much more difficult to convince people that this is one of the best dramas, bar none, currently on the air.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will reiterate that I've written a BSG novel. I don't believe it shades my opinions; in fact, if I didn't like the series, I wouldn't have written the novel, so that tells you something. Spoilers follow:

The season ender of the previous year blew Adama away; this one blew me away. And I even knew major aspects of the story in advance since I was sent episode descriptions to aid me in writing the book.

BSG doesn't have a ton of humor in it, but this one contained the single funniest moment in the run of the series: Dean Stockwell being hauled to the brig, loudly protesting, "I am NOT a frakking Cylon" until he's suddenly face-to-face with his exact duplicate, at which point he acknowledges the jig is up with a sighed, "Oh...well, okay, then."

In an episode filled with so many great moments, it's hard to pick just one...hell, no. I lie. It's easy. It's the revelation that Roslin, in the interest of trying to save humanity, is behind an attempt to rig the election. That's party of the genius of the series. The obvious way to go is to have Adama, the military man, be the hawk, while Roslin, the woman and teacher, would be more--what's the word--nurturing. Instead she's more of a hawk than Adama, and it's Adama who has to rein in her more aggressive impulses. "If we do this...we're criminals," he tells her upon learning of her duplicity, and claims the cancer will have moved from her breast to her heart. Tragically, one cannot help but think that there's a lot of politicians out there who have engaged in such power grabs for a lot less altruistic motives, and probably don't feel the least bit bad about it. Then again, it IS science fiction.

The one year jump was a brilliant move (if we could jump three years in "New Frontier," why not BSG?) although, honest, guys, Adama's mustache? Unfortunate.

And geez...October. Gonna be a long summer.

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