Monday, March 13, 2006

Ron Moore Talks Finale & Season 3

The SciFi Wire has posted up an article about Ron Moore with some information about the opening episodes for Season 3, after last Friday's finale episode ended:

Moore Talks Galactica Finale
Ronald D. Moore, executive producer of SCI FI Channel's original series Battlestar Galactica, told SCI FI Wire that the show's March 10 second-season finale cliffhanger sets up the third season. In spoilers for the show, Moore said: "We pick up ... with life under the occupation of the Cylons, [who] have occupied New Caprica, and it ain't pretty. But it's very complicated and very difficult, and there's a resistance, and there's the collaborators, and there's the people caught in between, and there's Galactica trying to figure out how to get back there, and it's an interesting place to pick up."
Moore made his comments in an interview after a panel at the Museum of Television and Radio's William S. Paley Television Festival in Los Angeles, during which Moore, executive producer David Eick and most of the cast appeared to talk about the show and answer fan questions. "We had talked about the possibility of finding a habitable planet pretty early on in the first season, and ... it's just one of those ideas that comes up," Moore said in explaining the show's seismic shift. "'OK, well, they find a planet, and they think they're going to settle there, and they decide not to. OK, well, what's that about?' I kept pushing it off and pushing it off, because I sort of like the universe of Galactica, where most of the universe is barren and empty, and it's only a precious few planets that you could actually live on. So I wanted to save that idea until we actually had a good concept, and then as we were working our way through the second season, one of the things that was ... a plot thread: 'OK, we're going to have this presidential election we promised. Well, what's that going to be about? How do you make that interesting?' And then somebody, I don’t even remember who, ... came [up with the idea:] 'Well, if they did find a planet, that could be an interesting issue: whether they stay or whether they go.' And then it all just started swimming together after that."
In addition to the obvious real-life parallels with Iraq, Moore said: "It gives us a chance to upend a lot of expectations about what the show is. I mean, ... a lot of people look at the show and say, 'Well, are the Cylons Al-Qaeda and the Colonials are ... us?' And I've always said that's not really true, and the politics of the show kind of shift back and forth. ... It's about trying to upset expectations and about trying to make you think about issues and ideas from a different perspective." Battlestar Galactica begins shooting its third season in April in Vancouver, Canada.

~The SciFi Wire

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