Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gateworld reveals 302 and 303 Titles

Gateworld.net has revealed the titles and some limited details of the second and third episodes of Season 3:

Second and third episode titles revealed
TUESDAY - APRIL 25, 2006The titles for two new episodes of Battlestar Galactica's upcoming third season have been uncovered.
The season premiere, "Occupation," will be followed by "Precipice," according to a report on radio show Subject2Discussion.
Beware of some spoilers below!
The show's April 11 edition also revealed spoilers for the early part of the upcoming season, including at least one significant character death.
Today GateWorld has learned that the third episode of the season will be titled "Exodus." While no details are yet known about the episode's plot, the title obviously implies that the Colonial survivors may be evacuating New Caprica as early as the third episode of the season.
The show's writers have previously indicated in interviews that the story arc on the Cylon-occupied planet may last as many as five episodes.

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