Sunday, April 23, 2006

Update Roundup

Sorry, I've been in and out for the past week. Just did a short trip to Greece and work has been piling up, hense the lack of updates recently, and there's been some big news!

First up, Ron Moore has updated his weblog with a new entry, answering some fan questions:

"Are you going to destroy Sharon and Helo's relationship or give it a stronger foundation? From my POV, Sharon's reactions and actions are consistent with the Sharon we met on Caprica. I'm not particularly mushy, but this very human story is one of the primary reasons I watch the show. That this Sharon might have PPD and PTSS is reasonable and I hope that when we see her in the Season three she will be healed and moving foward with her life outside the cage. This fan doesn't care how she gets out of the cage as long as she does. "

Their relationship will continue to grow and evolve. That's not to say it won't have the ups and downs of any relationship, but we're not looking to destroy it. The issue of the cage, what she's been doing in it, and what her future is will be dealt with in the first couple of episodes.

"In the season two finale, before it was revealed that Sharon didn't fess up about Cavel, was Brother Cavel going to reveal himself as a Cylon? I ask because he said something akin to the Cylons seeking greener pastures. It's unlikely he'd say he was a Cylon in the hanger bay, but I wonder if he was going to fess up in private. Was he truly there to deliver the message?"

He was planning to reveal himself and deliver a message. Whether there was more to his plan than that is speculative at this point, and anything's possible, but our feeling is that was his primary function.

"Why don't Cylon raiders fire conventional missiles anymore?"

That's a good question and Gary Hutzel brought this up himself. I think it's something we just kinda stopped thinking about as we were working on the dogfight seqeunces, because they were already so complex that adding yet another layer on top seemed overwhelming. However, I agree that it's something we've established and should try to reintegrate into the show again.

For the full entry, go here.

The Battlestar Livejournal community has pointed out that LaLa Land Records will be releasing the Season 2 Soundtrack this June by posting up an image:

Finally, Hollywood North Report has some of the biggest details, including some major spoilers from the opening shots of Season 3, new episode titles and the direction of the first arc:

In the opening episode of Season 3, entitled "Occupation," we see the return of two of our favorite Cylon models: D'Anna (Lucy Lawless) and Brother Cavel (Dean Stockwell). Lawless will appear in 10 episodes of the new season. It is not yet confirmed in how many episodes Stockwell will appear. "Occupation" also takes place four months after the events in the Season 2 cliffhanger transpired.
Here's where things get interesting: Ellen Tigh is frakking Brother Cavel. We think you probably comprehend the vernacular, and thus know what we mean by that. And Saul Tigh is held in a Cylon detention facility where his eye is gauged out. Meanwhile, a suicide bomber by the name of Duck (thus far an unnamed actor) kills himself and many others.
The second episode is entitled "Precipice." Ellen Tigh dies in the third or fourth episode. So it looks like she was not a Cylon model, as had been speculated widely on various BSG message boards.
In other news, the New Caprica arc will have several very significant deaths, probably of secondary BSG characters. The means by which they die will be significant as well. A split will be occurring in the Cylon ranks, probably between the emissaries of peace (Numbers 'Six' and 'Eight') and the other Cylon models. And there will be double agents, some willing and some unwilling.

They also go on to mention this:

'According to our BSG source, "the plots are topical and relevant to modern day events...and they are some of the best scripts of BSG to date."'

So, it looks like we've got some really exciting things coming up in the next year.

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