Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Callis Reveals 305 title and Season 3 Info

Jamie Callis recently spoke with Hollywood North Report about how Season 3's shaping up:

According to James Callis (who plays Gaius Baltar), who was recently interviewed by IF Magazine, "We (the Galacticans) have surrendered. Everyone gets tortured (psychologically and/or physically)." At least one incidental character of the deck crew does get killed very early on; other major characters are abused.
Callis also mentioned that while Baltar and Roslin do not have a major blowout, "She (Laura) does realize he (Gaius) is a tortured guy. She doesn’t know what the hell is going on with him, but she realizes that he’s far more complicated than someone who just wants to stab you in the back... You‘ve got these two people who are like opposing magnets, and yet they find it difficult to finish each other off.
"Also of interest is mention of a new type of Cylon. "I know what the new Cylon is," Callis says. "We can't tell you about it because it's not going to be for several episodes." Nevertheless, reports indicate that that the Cylon might be introduced as early as Episode 305, entitled "Torn".

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