Saturday, May 20, 2006

Comic Issue #1 Cover and Information Up

Comic Book Resourses has put the cover and some information about the 1st issue of the Galactica comic, coming this July:

Concerning the integration of the comic and the show, comic writer Greg Pak explained: “We’re 100 percent tied into the continuity of the television show — our storyline takes place in the middle of the second season, right after the return from Kobol and before the arrival of the Pegasus.”
As for the story itself, the writer continued: “Our story begins as the Galactica discovers a group of human survivors in a small Medivac ship under attack by Cylons. Commander William Adama suspects a Cylon plot. But President Laura Roslin points to the Sacred Scrolls, which contain an ancient prophecy: ‘The dead shall return in an ark of fire.’ Who are the “Returners”? Will they unite or divide the fleet -- and heal or break the heart of Commander Adama?”

Looks to be interesting, although, has the 0 issue been released? I haven't seen it yet. I especially love that cover, and apparently, there's to be a couple varients.

As these issues come out, if anyone has reviews or anything like that, feel free to e-mail them in.

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