Sunday, May 14, 2006

No Galactica Movie coming

Apparently, there's been recent talk about the possibilities of a Galactica feature film, given that the A Team, Knight Rider and 24, not to mention Serenity and Star Trek, are in the works or have been released and in the news lately. David Eick spoke with the new SyFy Portal and said that they don't have the writing staff or inclination at the moment to do so.

Given the buzz about "Battlestar Galactica," should we expect to see it make the jump sometime soon? Not in the foreseeable future, says producer David Eick, according to iF Magazine.
"We've talked about it, but it just becomes an issue of time," Eick said in an interview. "I don't think we've had the wherewithal to pull over to the side of the road and take a story idea that we were considering for the premier of a season and use it instead as the idea for a movie. We don't really have a big enough writing staff either. Our writing staff on 'Galactica' has been a little lean. Here we are already, with drafts for the first three scripts for season three, and I don't know where a pocket of downtime to make a movie would be."

From there, he went on to talk a little about Season 3. Spoilers follow.

"I think it's going to be exciting for the fans to watch the opening trilogy of episodes, because we're really falling into the rubric of something for everybody," Eick said. "There will be a great philosophical crisis talking place with Baltar. There's a round-up taking place of human beings becoming a police force, or a Gestapo, for the occupying Cylons. Then there's an attempt at an escape that will be like 'The Great Escape,' and be a dynamic action episode. There's a lot of really rich stuff for the opening three. Beyond that point everything is embryonic, and still in development." "We have an episode in the first leg of Season 3, which is more or less devoted to at least a couple of the major issues that arose during the time on the planet," said Eick. "There's going to be a lot answered. The flip side of that is that there are a lot of things that will fuel upcoming storylines that we may not have fleshed out yet. I certainly knew, as did Ron, that the risk in leaping forward a year [besides people thinking it was a dream] was that people would feel jerked around. We didn't want people to think we were pulling a 'Twin Peaks' move that wouldn't pay off. I think that they'll find in fairly short order that we won't leave anything hanging."
Upcoming episodes will explain how Starbuck (played by Katee Sackhoff), and Lee Adama (played by Jamie Bamber) came to be married to the partners they had at the end of Season 2. Eick also alluded to a "subversive relationship" between Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) and Sharon (Grace Park). The latter was revealed to be a Cylon agent in Season 1 and went on to conceive a hybrid baby with Galactica crewman Helo.
"The script that I'm writing right now has to do with a revelation about something truly egregious and illegal that Adama was guilty of doing during the days leading up to the attack, and how he has kept the revelation of that incident from rearing it's head," said Eick. "An event transpires that brings it all home with a vengeance, and the ramifications are significant. The fun is always in dealing with the humanity of these characters. They're heroes, but we are always discovering their feet of clay. For reasons both personal and practical they have to carry on as leaders and role models in their world. The script is called Hero, because it's necessary to keep functioning."

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Braxton Perry said...

Nice article.

I have another blog handling Galactica an d I frequent Marshall Brain's blog as well.

Don't do a movie. Make a hell of a series and be happy.

I hope Caprica can be fleshed out enough to be interesting. The Matrix did okay with just a few episode prequels. I would go that route. Just make 6 to 10 episodes of colony life to flesh out the back story.

With 10 episodes, do a three part Cylon War arc.

Better yet


1,2, Basic of colony life. the first cylons to the first military cylons.

..3,4 Flesh out colony life build up Adama, Lee, Saul, Starbuck in 3 and 4.

5,6,7 The Cylon War

8. The Armistice from the Cylon perspective. Hint at human derived cylons

9, 10 The ascention of the human models over the metal and the begning of Six and Baltar.