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Okay, have a bit of a news roundup. My computer and internet have been acting up the last couple days, and I've been fairly busy getting things done at my university (returning from Study Abroad). So my apoligies.
And, here's what we've got: 2 IGN interviews with Grace Park (Boomer) and Tricia Helfer (Six), as well as a new website and something from Entertainment Weekly.

EW: Galactica makes their TV's best shows at number four. Here's what they have to say:
Science fiction as a topsy-turvy dystopia: a female president; alien replicants who sometimes display more humanity than the humans; dialogue that works as ongoing political/religious debate rather than the usual sci-fi gobbledygook. In divisive times, here's TV's only drama that courts both the right and the left with equal conviction. Their full review of the series is here:,6115,1155965_31095330_0_,00.html

The new website is going to be tracking news about Caprica, the recently announced spinoff prequel series for the Galactica universe. You can visit it here:

Finally, IGN has posted up an interview with Grace Park and another with Tricia Helfer. They talk a little about Caprica and Season 3. So, beware of spoilers.

Interview 1

It was just a couple of months ago that I last chatted with the lovely Grace Park, who plays Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, AKA Cylon Model Number Eight, on Sci Fi Channel's exceptional series Battlestar Galactica. That previous interview occurred at the Museum of Television and Radio's William S. Paley Festival, where Galactica received another of its many well-deserved kudos. But while only one episode of Galactica has aired since then, it was a huge one; A second season finale that left fans reeling after a one year jump forward in the show's narrative occurred in the last third of the episode.

IGN TV: How is the third season going? You just started shooting, right?

PARK: We just started shooting. I think it's proving itself to be a little more of a wear and tear on some of the cast and crew, because we're shooting out on these sand dunes. And it's like as soon as you have the littlest bit of wind, you've gotta run for cover. And being out there, where it's not just like solid ground, it takes a little bit more effort doing all that kind of stuff. And it kind of lends itself to where the feeling from just watching it on the screen kind of spills over onto everybody. So I kind of like that aspect. Because the behind the scenes looks very much still like "on the scenes," you know what I mean? But it's very complicated right now. The first two episodes are a two-parter, and I've been doing a lot of catching up, because we had the one year break. And there's also a little bit more time that happens in-between. So you're catching up a lot with what has happened in that time. Like what kind of conspiracies have started; what groups are collaborating; what does it all mean; and finding out how do they communicate with each other?

IGN TV: Do you know yet if we'll get any flashbacks to the missing year?

PARK: Yeah, there's an episode; I think it's called "Unfinished Business," and it's all flashbacks. Well, it's a lot of flashbacks

Full interview:

Interview 2

On Galactica, Park and Helfer play Sharon "Boomer" Valerii and Number Six respectively; two members of the robotic Cylon race, who have decimated nearly all of humanity. Both roles require each actresses to play numerous characters, as we meet different versions of their particular Cylon models and series creator Ron Moore continues to investigate different aspects of the Cylon psyche.
Presented below is the question and answer panel the actresses took part in, as they fielded questions from the assembled press, including IGN TV. Park and Helfer discussed their thoughts on the show and gave their reaction to the critical acclaim and success that has come with it. As with the Park interview, viewers wary of any spoilers should be aware that the actresses discuss some initial story points of the coming season 3, though nothing that seemed like a major twist or revelation.

Question: What can you tell us about Season 3?
Grace Park: We get to find out a little bit more about the Cylon life actually. You get to go inside of Base Star. You find there's another model. Besides just humanoids, Centurion, the Raider, and the Base Star, there's another being.

Tricia Helfer: A hybrid sort of.

Park: Yeah, a hybrid. We don't know what it looks like.

Helfer: Yeah, we don't know too much about it yet, but that is coming in the season. And definitely a lot more of the interaction of how the Cylons react with each other, not just with humans.

Park: Stuff is going to go down amongst the Cylons.

Helfer: And I'm sure the humans are going to be doing stuff and they're going to be, you know…

Park: That doesn't really matter!

Helfer: It's the Cylons that are important. No, I'm kidding.

Q: So are did they bring you two here today because there's more than one of you?

Helfer: Yeah. Our other clones are filming, actually, in Vancouver right now.

Park: It's great. I've got mine doing laundry.

Full Interview here:

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