Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Commercials, New Blog

The SciFi Channel has started airing new commercials for the 3rd season, with some new shots, as well as one very cool new shot of the Vipers leaving a Battlestar hanger.

Also, Ron Moore has posted up a new blog regarding the Webisodes:

Who Did What on the Webisodes
As you may or may not know, has begun posting a series of Galactica "Webisodes" on SciFi Pulse this week. Each Tues and Thurs they're going to put up a new 'sode, leading up to to the premiere of Season Three on October 6th. We're very excited about the Webisodes and I think they're unlike anything anyone has done in this arena to date, so I hope you'll all take a moment to check them out.
It's important to know that these Webisodes weren't done haphazardly or on the fly in between takes of the regular show. They had to be written, produced, shot and edited by a very specific group of people.

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