Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Spoilers from TV Squad

TV Squad has posted up a couple spoilers from the first four episodes of Season 3:


Battlestar Galactica
I mentioned a few tidbits in my
early look at the first four episodes, and here are a few more. One of the remaining Battlestars will destroy several Cylon Basestars, but not with weaponry. While Lee Adama and Tigh look quite different when we see them in the premiere (and several episodes later), Adama's looks will change by the fourth episode. When I said there was one "suspected Cylon" (by the viewers) that seems to clearly not be one in the premiere, we see later that yet another "suspected Cylon" seems rather clearly to be human by the fourth episode (though to be honest, nothing is really definitive). [Source: TV Squad]

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