Friday, November 10, 2006

Reviews for Measure of Salvation

Some reviews of tonight's episode, Measure of Salvation, are coming online:

TV Squad:

Battlestar Galactica: A Measure of Salvation
Posted Nov 10th 2006 11:18PM by Keith McDuffee

baltar bsg
I was about to say that I wondered if this was the first time any humans (besides Baltar, if he is human) have seen the inside of a Base Star, though the previews for next week seem to put that question to rest somewhat.

It seems it didn't take Apollo very long to lose a stone or two, though we really don't know for sure how much time has passed since the goings on on New Caprica, do we? I also noticed there were a few usual characters rather absent from this episode, such as Col. Tigh.At first I thought it was a pretty stupid thing for the Cylons to tell Athena and the humans that there was a disease on board that was infecting them, but then I realized that, up until that point, nobody knew how far reaching the disease was.

I guess we're led to believe that when Athena jacked into the Base Star that she somehow triggered off the self destruct mechanism of the ship. I would have thought that her look of obvious guilt would create quite a bit of doubt in the humans as to where her loyalties lie. It still seems odd that the humans so easily trust her and carry her along on so many missions.

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Entertainment Weekly
A Question of Humanity

On ''Battlestar Galactica,'' Roslin has the opportunity to end the Cylon threat forever. Would that be extermination or genocide? by Marc Bernardin

Is it perverse of me to be giddy about an episode that comes with a ''mature content'' warning? Of course, this is a show that routinely is full of mature content. After all, one doesn't often come across TV programs that have their characters wrestling with ideas like genocide, does one?

Something really bugged me about the opening of this show. Why, exactly, didn't the team that boarded the dead basestar wear containment gear? They all saw, flying in, that there was something very wrong with that picture: raiders drifting about, the lights off on the basestar. Wouldn't there be a protocol in place for a situation like this, one that would've required some kind of clean suit, like the one Baltar wore when he inspected it? It's a minor thing, I know, and one I'm sure the writers thought of and then discarded so they could preserve the is-or-isn't-Sharon-infected story thread. But it bothered me nevertheless.

There are some episodes where I think that if something ever happened to Doc Cottle, the entire fleet would crumble. He's the very, very crusty glue that keeps them flying. If anyone wanted to truly disable the Colonial fleet, just introduce a toxin that would take Cottle out of the picture. I'm just saying.

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