Friday, November 10, 2006

Upcoming Episode Titles

The Patriot Resource has rounded out the rest of the titles for Season 3. Here's the new ones:

307: Hero
308: Unfinished Business
309: The Passage
310: The Eye of Jupiter
311: The Rapture
312: Taking a Break from All Your Worries (Spring 2007)
313: The Woman King (Spring 2007)
314: A Day In The Life (Spring 2007)
315: Dirty Hands (Spring 2007)
316: Maelstrom (Spring 2007)
317: The Son Also Rises (Spring 2007)
318: The Crossroads, Part 1 (Spring 2007)
319: The Crossroads, Part 2 (Spring 2007)

It's looking like The Passage and Eye of Jupiter are a two parter, and The Son Also Rises (A play on the book title by Hemmingway?) and both Crossroads are a three parter for the season Finale. As previously reported, Season 3 will be only 19 episodes.

Detailed spoilers for these episodes can be found here.

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