Thursday, June 07, 2007

Moore Talks Finale

This was posted a couple of days ago on the SciFi Wire:

Battlestar's Moore Talks Finale
Ron Moore, executive producer of SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica, said that he and fellow executive producer David Eick are planning to send the series off on a note of finality at the end of the coming fourth season. "The plan is to end the show,"
Moore said in a conference call on June 1. "The plan is to bring us to a
definitive conclusion. There's no plans or thoughts in our heads, really, of
then doing a follow-up feature or any series or anything beyond that."
Moore and Eick announced on May 31 that they would wrap the acclaimed series at the end of the upcoming fourth season and elaborated on their decision in a call
with journalists a day later. Moore said that he and the writers have been
thinking about how they wanted to end the series since the middle of the second
season and began talking seriously about the conclusion toward the end of the
"Those ideas about where we were headed and what it all meant started
to really sort of coalesce over the course of the third season," Moore said.
"And in between seasons four and three is when we started talking in earnest
about 'OK, if we do end it next year, what would it really be?' And it just felt
like, yeah, this is the right time to do it. ... We're really sort of taking our
cues from the story itself, and it just feels like the story has moved forward
Moore said that he's proud that the show has been unafraid to
take risks. "And it's been unafraid to move strongly forward instead of trying
to sort of tread water," he said. "And it just feels like the momentum of the
series is moving towards a conclusion."
Moore and Eick have not yet begun
writing the script for the finale, but they have had some discussions about how
they will wrap up the story. One thing that has been talked about is leaving
some of the relationships open to interpretation.
"The intention is to
certainly concentrate on the characters and their relationships and sort of
bring them all to an end point," Moore said. "I don't know if we'll resolve
every single thing about every relationship, and I think there's value in
leaving some things open to the imagination and having some things that are sort
of tantalizingly unresolved. But the intention is to move towards what is the
final chapter." In November, a special two-hour Battlestar episode, "Razor,"
will air. The fourth season kicks off in early 2008. —Cindy White

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