Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TV Squad Tidbits

TVSquad talked with Moore and Eick, and this is what they came up with:

Moore and Eick speak up about Battlestar Galactica's future and more

moore and eick of bsgThis afternoon I listened in on a conference call with Battlestar Galactica Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, announcing news regarding the series' fourth season. Just as mentioned earlier in the month -- and as many had already figured out -- the forthcoming season of the show will be the series' last.

Highlights from the call after the jump.
  • The decision to end after season four needed to be a collective one, which would be why there was some disconnect with prior reports.
  • The season opener will not be connected to how the third season ended, not picking up after the cliffhanger but instead going back a bit in time a season or two ago (perhaps into the second season), connecting events there with what will happen in season four.
  • Another project of Eick's, Them, may be up for a mid-season show, which will feature Tricia Helfer at least in some capacity.
  • The question of Caprica was brought up, which would have taken us back to the beginning of the Cylons' existence. They indicated there's definitely the interest there to make the show a reality. They also say that it will have the same sort of built-in endpoint like Battlestar has.
  • Both guys feel that they will have told the story they wanted to tell once the next season concludes.
  • Eick jokingly called the Lost folks "thieves in the night" for their use of the flash-forward in the season finale.
  • I asked both guys about whether or not we'll see what Earth is like once Galactica arrives there, but they were understandably vague there. Moore says we'll see "a little more" of Earth next season, but since they haven't yet written the season ender, they're just not sure what we'll see.
  • I also asked if we'll see Lucy Lawless at all this season, and they say there are talks there but nothing definitive.
  • I also asked if Ron is planning to do any podcasts this summer, and he can only say that he's going to try.
  • Ron says that The Thing movie remake is still being worked on. Damn, that's the first I'd heard of that. Cool!
  • Later on in the fourth season it will be further explained why 'All Along The Watchtower' is significant. They also reveal that originally they were going to have the Simon & Garfunkel song 'America' instead.

The next (and final) season of Galactica comes in November with an episode entitled "Razor," which will be an extended two-hour episode, with the rest of the season continuing beginning in early 2008.

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