Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New SciFi Wire Article on the End

This time with Jamie Bamber:

Bamber Talks Battlestar's End

Jamie Bamber, who plays Lee "Apollo" Adama on SCI FI Channel's original series Battlestar Galactica, told SCI FI Wire that the atmosphere on the set is charged with the awareness that the fourth season will be the show's last.

"Inevitably it changes the vibe, because there's suddenly a horizon, and you can see over the horizon," Bamber said in a press conference on the set in Vancouver, Canada, on June 26. "Knowing it's the last time changes everything. So, yeah, it's a different deal."

Despite feeling sentimental, Bamber added that he believes it's the right time to end the show. "There's also a real peace of mind that comes with the fact that we're going to get to finish this story," he said. "And this story has always begged an ending. And we're going to get to give it to you. So there's a lot of excitement and anticipation that's attached to that. But it feels like ... every moment that passes is gone forever now. It's like the last performance of a play on the last night. You start with your monologue in the first scene and you know when you finish it, that's the last time you'll ever do it."

Bamber added: "There are things that my character has done for the last time already. And those are sad, because speaking very personally, this has been just a huge part of my life. ... So, yeah, it changes everything to know that it's over. But in a good way. I can't say that I'm melancholic about it."

Bamber is looking forward to returning to his home in Los Angeles when the show is finished, but will always have a connection to Vancouver, where Galactica is filmed. "When I first got back to Vancouver I had that real nostalgia thing," he said. "I know what Vancouver will forever mean to me now. It'll be that Pavlovian response. I will start seeing Vipers and things as I walk down Robson Street, and I'll start remembering those experiences of being in a strange place, starting this journey and being scared of what it might be to play this character. And, no, I'm just grateful that we had this long to do it and that we're going to get to end the stories." —Cindy White

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